From Baghdad to Cambridge: A Journey of Hope and Resilience

Written by Ameen Mirjan, Executive MBA 2023 student

From the bustling streets of Baghdad to the welcoming embrace of Canada and now within the hallowed halls of the University of Cambridge, the passion of leading an impactful career dedicated to improving patient care has served as my compass, steering me through adversity and triumph alike.

Baghdad College is an elite high school that I had attended in Baghdad. Founded by American Jesuits, it is highly regarded as the most academically demanding high school in the country.

Born and raised in Baghdad, the cradle of civilization, a city steeped in the legacy of ancient poets, scholars and scientists, my humble beginnings were overshadowed by the turmoil of conflict. It has been two decades since I fled the ravages of war, to immigrate to Canada for the promise of a brighter future, carrying with me an unwavering determination to lead an impactful career despite the countless challenges throughout the journey.

I have since completed Engineering and Pharmacy degrees, worked in the public and private sectors, and founded my own health technology integration firm dedicated to implementing healthcare apps in the healthcare sector. And so, as I celebrate the beginning of my Cambridge degree, I could not help but reflect on my journey and feel privileged to be part of this illustrious institution. This milestone will serve as a personal catalyst to continue my pursuit to improving patient care, and to continue championing for purposeful technology integration into the healthcare sector.

Ameen Mirjan (EMBA 2023)

I am not alone, however, as the commonality of overcoming challenging journeys in pursuit of excellence is palpable among all my peers. Surrounded by a cohort of individuals whose experiences mirror my own, I am struck by the shared determination to carve out brighter futures, each one fuelled by a passion for creating meaningful change in the world. It has truly been a pleasure to be part of this Executive MBA cohort.

As I venture into this exciting phase, I look forward to the knowledge and growth that await me. With an eager spirit and a sense of anticipation, I am ready to make the most of every opportunity, making new friendships, and creating lasting memories. Here’s to the journey ahead and the countless possibilities that lie on the horizon.

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