From Eastern Roots to Global Ambitions: An Asian Woman’s Path to Cambridge

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When you hear of an “Asian woman with a PhD,” what comes to mind? Petite, introverted, quiet, a bookworm… These might be stereotypes, but in some ways, they describe me. However, that is not the entirety of who I am, as I have been breaking them all along.

Welcome to the Kaleidoscope Series – Memoirs of EMBA Student Journeys to Cambridge

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Written by Hamsini Satchithananthan Salmelainen, Executive MBA 2023 student. As you walk through the large open spaces and climb the colourful staircases of Cambridge Judge Business School overhearing snippets of livened debate on headline global topics such as “are governments … Continued

Stefano De Socio wins Marketeer of the Year award for campaign advocating Cushing’s Syndrome sufferers

EMBA 2017 alumnus Stefano De Socio – Global Head of Marketing at Recordati Rare Diseases – is awarded ‘Best Patient-centric Campaign in Europe’. Additionally, as a result of this achievement he is awarded ‘Marketeer of the Year, Pharma Industry’ by prestigious UK media firm, Pharma Times.