From Eastern Roots to Global Ambitions: An Asian Woman’s Path to Cambridge

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Written by Dr Xunzhe (Amy) Zhang, Executive MBA 2023 Student

Dr Xunzhe (Amy) Zhang, Executive MBA 2023 Student

When you hear of an “Asian woman with a PhD,” what comes to mind? Petite, introverted, quiet, a bookworm… These might be stereotypes, but in some ways, they describe me. However, that is not the entirety of who I am, as I have been breaking them all along.

Born in a big city in China, raised in an intellectual family, and being the only child, I grew up with certain expectations of an “excellent woman”: excel in studies, attend a top university, earn the highest degree, build a happy family, and lead a stable life. While largely embracing these values, I have always kept a rebellious streak.

When it came time to choose my undergraduate subject, many believed that girls should opt for social science. However, I rebelliously thought, why cannot girls excel in STEM? Yet, after enrolling in one of China’s top universities to study Engineering, I realised that I was not particularly interested in becoming an engineer. Upon graduation, I decisively switched my direction, pursuing a Master’s in Education, followed by a PhD course. Halfway through my doctoral study, I longed to see more of the world. I came to the UK and started a new journey in a PhD in Education, overcoming language barriers, cultural differences, and adjustment challenges to graduate.

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Working in the educational assessment industry these years, where most of my colleagues were white British, I often faced various challenges as one of the very few Asian women. Especially using English as a second language, to play my strengths was quite a challenge. I had to work extremely hard to prove my value, rarely taking holidays abroad like others. In a few years after graduation, I grew as a technical team leader.

EMBA 2023 Cohort sharing a Lunar New Year celebration dinner

As the career glass ceiling loomed closer, I pondered what would next be in my career. It was by chance that I learned about the Executive MBA program at Cambridge Judge Business School. It resonated with a deeply buried entrepreneurial dream of mine – to use my expertise in education to help change more people’s lives. I was incredibly lucky to get admitted into this world-renowned institution I had always aspired to.

In just a few months, I have already acquired insights and formed invaluable connections with many peers, each offering unique perspectives enriching my entrepreneurial journey. This experience has been empowering me to transcend my self-imposed stereotypes. I am more than just a petite “Asian woman with a PhD”; I can grow to be a strong, global entrepreneur, embracing a world full of diverse opportunities. The journey towards my dream may be filled with challenges, but I am bolstered by the support of the Executive MBA programme and the friendship of my cohort fellows. Together, we are a constellation of aspiring visionaries, and I am confident that we will each realise our dreams here.

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