Dubai Business Trek organised by EMBA students is great success 

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Dubai presents a booming economy and dynamic business environment that intrigued the Executive MBA students, who wanted to get a real sense of the climate in Dubai first-hand.  

As a thriving global marketplace, Dubai attracts and fosters business growth. Its economy is now among the most diversified in the world, with oil accounting for less than 1% of GDP. Dubai also has a very favourable taxation regime with a commitment to transparency1.

The Trek took place in early October 2023 and was the inaugural visit to the metropolis for many, with one local to the city and several others who had visited previously for personal trips and holidays. 

Chad Toerien, Bashar Al Damiri, Evani Mannur, Alicia Lirola and Hassan Ashraf, with the support of the CJBS alumni team, came together with their shared interests and connections to make the Trek a reality.  

Chad Toerien illustrates the Trek itinerary and outcomes:

Dubai is an incredibly dynamic and exhilarating city, offering a wide array of opportunities, ranging from enriching business experiences and personal growth to embracing cultural diversity, all while enjoying a vibrant lifestyle. During our time in Dubai, we had the privilege to explore seven esteemed organisations, each of which graciously extended their warm hospitality and provided us with unprecedented access to their high-level executives. Through these encounters, we gained valuable insights into their business operations within the region, their strategic growth initiatives, and how we can actively participate in the thriving Dubai landscape. 

Here’s a brief overview of our visits: 

Bloomberg offered us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the day-in-the-life of journalists and sales managers. Presented by the Bureau Chief (Adveith Nair) and his team (Greg Tanner, David Massias, Sarah Halls, Dana Khraiche)  
PwC shared its strategic focus on contributing to the growth of the United Arab Emirates and its ambitious endeavours in Saudi Arabia. Presented by PwC partner (Roland Hancock) and his team (Prachi Narang, and more). 
e& showcased their various product divisions and outlined their plans for growth through mergers and acquisitions. Presented by CEO of UAE Trade Connect (Zul Javaid), Director Fintech e& Life (Rami Basheer Alhasan), and SVP of M&A (Ilya Kiykov). Our TCP team also had the opportunity to present the consulting project with the wider e& leadership team. 
Dubai Holdings enlightened us on their commitment to sustainability and their innovative use of AI to enhance productivity and create architecturally inspired designs. Presented by Executive Director, Talent Management (Amna Alhosani) and her colleagues. 
University of Dubai provided us with a fascinating mini-lecture on Future Studies, presented by a Cambridge Fellow, Dr. Fawaz Abu Sitta, followed by a comprehensive tour of the university by Professor Hussain Al Ahmad VP for Academic Affairs, who also presented us with a welcoming gift for Cambridge Judge Business School, insights into their renowned business school by Dr Washika Haak-Saheem and a special visit by the president of the university Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki. 
Myco, a disruptive web3 media startup, unveiled its innovative technologies and its global expansion strategy. Presented by Founder & MD (Umair Masoom Usmani) and co-founder & head of marketing (Tariq Jaser).
Honeywell left us awestruck with their state-of-the-art industrial technology customer experience centre with comprehensive insights into business operations within the region presented by the Marketing Strategy lead (Theju Maddula). The Vice President & GM (George Bou Mitri) also engaged in a fireside chat focusing on leadership. 

The journey resulted in an overwhelmingly positive experience that thrilled and engaged all those who participated. Thank you to my fellow organisers Bashar, Alicia, Evani, Hassan, Linda, and the Cambridge Judge Business School Alumni Team. 

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  1. Find out more about Dubai’s economic growth ↩︎

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