On the winning side: podcast features Executive MBA Women’s Networking Event panel discussion

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A recent episode of Sara Hasan (EMBA 2018)’s leadership-focused podcast features a panel of Executive MBA alumni and participants discussing their diversity and inclusion journeys.

EMBA students.

A recent episode of Sara Hasan (EMBA 2018)’s leadership-focused podcast features a panel of Cambridge Executive MBA alumni and participants discussing their diversity and inclusion journeys. Find out more and listen below.

In February 2020, we hosted our annual Executive MBA Women’s Networking Event. Developed to provide a platform for discussions surrounding fostering diversity in leadership, the event featured an inspiring keynote speech by Professor Dame Sandra Dawson and a panel session of participants and alumni from the Executive MBA programme.

We were privileged to be joined by brilliant panel who shared their experiences of championing diversity and inclusion (D&I) in their workplaces, industries and beyond. The discussion was an engaging dive into the challenges faced by women and other groups under-represented in senior leadership and board-level roles, with key opportunities to better foster D&I identified and shared.

The panel was chaired by EMBA 2018 participant, former Women’s Officer for the University’s Graduate Union, host of ‘The Winning Side’ podcast and passionate advocate for D&I, Sara Hasan.

We are delighted to share a recording of the Women’s Networking Event panel session, available to listen to via the latest episode of Sara’s D&I-focused podcast, ‘The Winning Side’.

You can also listen on iTunes, Spotify, and other locations.

The panel at the event comprised:

  • Rouha Hussaina (EMBA 2018), Project Manager, Strategy, Tata Steel. Rouha is a committee member for Tata Steel’s SWN initiative, a forum that influences the role of women in the steel industry and has presented at the National Council of Women Annual Conference, championing women in STEM careers.
  • Yasrine Ibnyahya (EMBA 2016), Director, Advanced Concepts & Technologies, Inmarsat. Yasrine is responsible for leading breakthrough innovations and early stage mission concepts, reporting directly to Inmarsat’s Chief Technology Officer. She is a Founding Member and Chair of the Women at Inmarsat Network.
  • Dr Eugenie Regan (EMBA 2018), Vice President, Research Solutions, Springer Nature. Eugenie is a co-founder of We are all Wonder Women, a career development course and consultancy aimed at building career confidence for professionals. She is a regular public speaker on both environment and women in science including Romania’s SciFest’s ‘Women Shooting for the Stars’.
  • Tariq Shah (EMBA 2019), Director, Vigo Group. Tariq is a founding board member and fully trained mentor of HRH The Prince of Wales’ Mosaic, inspiring young people from deprived communities, schools, and prisons to realise their potential. He is also a trustee for natural disaster relief charity AHS Foundation and Chair of The Sleep Charity.

On the release of the episode, Sara says:

“Initiating a thought-provoking dialogue on D&I and leading change is the underlying objective of ‘The Winning Side’ podcast.

“This May I graduated with an Executive MBA from Judge Business school. As a former Women’s Officer at Cambridge Graduate Union I consider myself as an ambassador for initiating sustaining meaningful dialogues on D&I.  ’The Winning Side’ podcast aims to do just that by stirring a D&I dialogue across global academic institutions and workplaces.

“D&I is an area I am passionate about. I was eighteen when I first witnessed the detrimental impact of glass ceiling. I was advised by friends and colleagues to not stand for a student body election purely based on my gender. I objectively reasoned, led change and WON under the banner of my first campaign titled ‘Be on the Winning Side’. That initiative opened doors for the upcoming women leaders and helped me realise the power of creating an impact with constructive dialogues.”

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