Making the most of an opportunity – an EMBA graduation

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Musaddiq Khan (EMBA 2016) recently graduated from the University of Cambridge’s EMBA programme. In his first post as a “graduand”, he reflects on why he joined the programme.

Cambridge EMBA Class of 2016

I’m incredibly proud to have graduated from the University of Cambridge, completing the Executive MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Despite a gruelling 20 months, which included becoming a father for the first time at the beginning and for the second time towards the end, it’s been an extraordinary journey.

Before I joined the programme back in 2016, I wondered whether I was ready for a challenge like this. I had certain doubts, as I’m sure other classmates have had:

  • Do I have enough experience?
  • Will I have the time?
  • Can I make the finances work?
  • Am I good enough?

However, one piece of advice convinced me to apply:

There are so many opportunities out there – you just need to make sure you’re ready to take full advantage of them when they appear!

Taking the plunge and joining the programme resulted in one of the greatest experiences of my life so far – there aren’t many situations where a standard weekend could include arranging a trip to Kazakhstan for a consulting project, spending time debating with a senior UN diplomat or discussing leadership with a World Cup winning rugby captain, all while learning about corporate finance or strategic innovation.

The programme has allowed me to make some wonderful friends along the way and I’ve learnt more than I ever thought about others as well as myself.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support of the friends and family who made it possible, especially my wife, whose unwavering encouragement while being mother to a toddler and a new born and dealing with me during the stress of deadlines, deserves a special mention.

We all have a responsibility to improve ourselves and looking back, the doubts I had seem so trivial compared to what I’ve gained.

Whether it’s applying for an EMBA, setting yourself a new challenge, or going for something you really want to achieve, just go with your gut.  Make sure you’re ready for that unexpected opportunity around the corner.

Things will work out.

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