First impressions from a new student – the Executive MBA Experience day

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Ariel Scroggins was recently admitted to the Cambridge EMBA 2018 class. In March she was invited to attend the EMBA Experience day which was a chance for her to attend taster lectures and meet future classmates before starting her course in September 2018.

Before attending the Cambridge EMBA Experience Day, my favourite thing about Cambridge Judge Business School was the slogan, “Transforming individuals, organisations, and society”.  Quite frankly, that’s what I signed up for – personal transformation. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event… would we be given assignments and extracts to have read and completed before our official arrival in September?  Would we be evaluated?  Would it feel like a competition?

Arriving at Cambridge Judge Business School for the EMBA Experience day.

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, what I experienced was quite the opposite.  I met with other motivated professionals like myself: analysts, consultants, and entrepreneurs, from retail, banking, pharmaceutical, IT and a variety of other sectors. All of us were pursuing an opportunity to further our potential by learning from and growing with each other. We shared stories about how we arrived at our decision to pursue an EMBA, and why we had considered the prestigious University of Cambridge.

Our three taster lectures were meant to provide us with a sense of what to expect of the “main course” starting in September.  In the first lecture, Dr. Shaz Ansari helped flex our strategic muscles. He challenged us to collaborate with each other and develop ideas for creating ecosystems around fitness centres and pharmacy businesses. With Dr. Stiles, we expounded on the characteristics of effective leadership through rethinking, relationships, and meaning.  Dr. Soufani, our EMBA Programme Director, stressed the importance of identifying and analysing disruptions at the macro, mezzo, and micro levels while delivering the best explanation and insight into the 2008 financial crisis.

Finally, we were treated to a Formal Hall Dinner at Christ’s College, where we were addressed by EMBA alumnus Filip Corveleyn. He explained how networking within his cohort led to a partnership in a $4.6m business, TPR Legal, a workflow service handling low level, repetitive legal transactions for corporations.

Enjoying a Formal Hall Dinner with new classmates at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

Participating in the lectures alone more than met my expectations as to what I was walking into in attending Cambridge. But the connections and relationships that began taking shape between my future classmates and me really delivered on the “experience” the day offered and solidified our collective reasons for choosing Cambridge. Still, my favourite thing about the School is the opportunity for transformation that the EMBA programme promises. But now, in addition to my personal transformation, I’m also interested in the role I will play in transforming myself, my classmates, my community and the world, in that order.

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  1. Vanessa Jackson

    Wow, impressive experience with superb analysis and personal insight! I hope Cambridge meets every expectation!

  2. Judy Other Ford

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! Clear, concise, and to the point! Now I want to come to school at Cambridge!

  3. Kanishie Simpson

    What an awesome write up! This experience is sure to stick with you for a lifetime. Makes me want to enroll and embark on a transformation! : -)

  4. Yvette Turner

    Jeremiah 29:11-
    “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord. My thoughts are of Peace and never evil to bring you to an EXPECTED end.

  5. Ray Ford

    Wow!LOOK AT GOD!You are on your way! You and Jesus…UNSTOPPABLE!

  6. Ray Ford

    Wow! LOOK AT GOD! You are on your way! You and Jesus…UNSTOPPABLE!

  7. Ariel

    You guys are the best. Thank you for the encouragement and support!

  8. Isobel Olisa-Ashar

    Very well said Ariel. It was truly a very rich experience and I look forward to more

  9. Dad

    You have no idea what you’ve begun not only for yourself, but for your family! Looking forward to following you on your journey, see you at the Graduation!

  10. Stephen Werner

    From the inside out…no doubt the transformative process has already commenced Ariel. I hope and trust you will absorb every experience at Cambridge and serve people at an even greater level. Many blessings on this quest!

  11. Claire Walsh

    You are such a ray of sunshine and I am really looking forward to studying together!

  12. Laura Morgan

    You have such a positive light about you. I will watch for your future to change as well as those around you!

  13. Melanie W

    Ariel, Best of Wishes on this next amazing journey. You are truly an inspiration to us all. Continue to follow your dreams and trust in the Lord through it all.

  14. Tanya

    Congrats Ariel! You are truly on inspiration! God has amazing things in-store for you – Just continue to trust him.

  15. Nancy Bache

    You are an amazing lady and I’m so happy I met you at NCR. I’m looking forward to following you on your EMBA journey and celebrating your success.

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