“Can it get more international than this?” – EMBA Team Consulting Project

In our final post from the EMBA eyeWit Team Consulting Project, Enzo Lamberti reflects on one of the highlights of his EMBA journey.

Saying that this TCP has been an incredible experience would be an understatement, from both a professional and personal point of view.

Professionally, I had the incredible opportunity of researching a subject that was entirely new to me, discovering an exciting industry and contributing to its disruption.

Personally, I got to work with close friends, helping to change our idea of the world. When I was asked to join their team, I knew I was going for a great ride – it was even better than I’d imagined!

Before I realised, I was suddenly in Beirut, at an American University, helping my friends to pitch the eyeWit streaming news concept to a British former BBC executive and a Finnish professor of Media Content Creation (to be continued!)

We were doing this whilst working almost non-stop for our client in New York, an Argentinian investment banker for JP Morgan Investment Bank in NY… ok, I’ll stop before turning this into one of those old jokes! But can it really get more international than this?

When I enrolled to the Cambridge EMBA programme, I was drawn by the rich diversity of the previous cohorts, both in their industries and nationalities. The course delivered much, much more than I’d expected and this trip to Beirut will be one of the highlights of my EMBA journey: being a “Mediterranean”, I felt a strong sense of belonging.

The city of Beirut has an incredible vibe. It is beautiful, chaotic, warm, open, delicious. Life is bustling at every corner, all the time. Whenever I’ll be thinking of the AUB campus, I’ll always feel that big, big smile on my face I had while there.

Working with Cristina, Nada and Steve was how work should always be: challenging, fun, energising. When working with such a talented team, you get this incredible stamina: this stamina fueled our time working together … together with the incredible food, conversations and laughter over mezze and wine that marked our nights.

In the future, we hope eyeWit will empower people all over the world with unbiased, fact-checked news.

That day, we will fondly remember Beirut and how it was the perfect host for a group of passionate, dedicated friends that wanted to change the world, one stream at a time.

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