How an EMBA team works – the EMBA Team Consulting Project

In our third post on the eyeWit Team Consulting Project, EMBA student Nada Chahadi explains how her team’s dynamics contributed to a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

I was very eager and excited waiting for my team to arrive in Beirut. Since I joined the EMBA, I had this urge to show to my coursemates the beauty of Lebanon.

The four of us were set in an 230-square-metre Airbnb apartment. Each one of us had his/her own bedroom and toilet, and there was a huge spacious salon that was turned into a workshop. We moved the tables and chairs, replaced a huge painting on the wall with a white board and started brain-storming.

The experience was an amazing one on all levels. The attitude in which we were welcomed by the American University of Beirut (AUB) was very positive, as was their response to our work. The meeting with AUB gave us a great insight which we built on for our pitch to JP Morgan, the sponsors of our project.

Our teamwork exciting, but also efficient. In my opinion, Steve was the brain of the team; he created balance, and is, after all, the ‘Daddy’ of eyeWit. Cristina was the team’s mechanism; assigned as the project manager, she attended to matters related scheduling, meeting deadlines, following up with CJBS and even waking us up if we ever procrastinated! Enzo was our energy; this man doesn’t get tired or de-energised. When feeling down, Enzo steps in and elevates the mood. I think I was the team’s critical philosopher. For Cristina, Enzo and myself, we were coming from totally different backgrounds with little knowledge about the subject of our TCP. We asked all of the stimulating questions and positively challenged the work, which resulted in a masterpiece, in my opinion.

This was a great journey for me.  I learnt a great deal about the news industry, my team and myself.

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